We're here to give each housebuilder the attention they deserve.

Symbolising instinct and agility, the stag’s mighty antlers are emblematic of wisdom and strength, gained from experience.

And, just like the stag, our industry experience, combined with strong instinct and agility enables us to swiftly react and evolve, together, as buyer behaviour and market conditions change.

Why the Stag?

The creative marketing agency for ambitious housebuilders in an ever-changing market.

The Antler herd was founded by a collective of individuals (Stags and Does, obviously!) disappointed with the lack of creativity in the marketing of new homes.

They wanted to see each housebuilder and every development stand out, individually, knowing that the traditional approach by marketing agencies wasn’t doing the job.

Each new season brings change and opportunity. Antler searches tirelessly, exploring new ways for each housebuilder and their developments to be truly noticed.

Leaving footprints wherever we roam,
we’ve created many in our time – and
we’re proud of every single one.

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You are warmly welcomed to join a highly respected breed of pioneering housebuilders that enjoy all the benefits that a partnership with Antler makes to their success.

Are we the
right fit for
each other?

We exist purely for ambitious housebuilders looking for the creative, exciting, and innovative approach to marketing new homes.

Let’s explore together, discover, and create fresh ways of marketing your brand and your developments.

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Antler Stag Background Antler Stag Antler Stag Bird

In the wild, symbiosis is a term used to describe a close ecological relationship between two species.

Antler are brilliant – proactive, creative, efficient and always deliver. We’re delighted to be working with an agency that truly understands property, and the needs of a national house builder. I would have no hesitation in recommending Antler.”

Jo Dixon, Marketing Manager,
Countryside Properties

Antler have proven to be a reliable and efficient agency, the whole team are passionate about what they do. This is evident in the work they supply and their eagerness to learn what each and every company offer. I have worked with Antler on a number of projects with two different companies and have always been impressed with the standard of work and their enthusiasm to deliver high quality projects."

Vicki Robb, Marketing Manager,
Platinum Skies

Understanding your client’s needs, industry and target market is essential to the successful working relationship between agency and client. I’m delighted to say the work Antler has produced for us to date has not only met the brief, but been delivered through a flexible, thought-provoking and professional manner. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Antler team – their wealth of property marketing experience is invaluable."

Stuart Hensby, Associate Director - Sales & Marketing,

Thanks for the great quality of work and efficient and positive working style for the recent project. The project felt smooth and under control throughout and the resulting campaign was well thought through and looked really good for our event."

Jo Mullins, Group Sales & Marketing Director,
Crest Nicholson

Antler’s knowledge of the property industry has been invaluable, both for our brand and our developments. Their flexibility to work alongside, or where necessary, independently from, our in-house marketing team to deliver projects has benefited us greatly. I would have no hesitation in recommending Antler to anyone."

Tamsin Fewkes, Marketing Executive,

Antler have fully taken on our brand values and they understand all of the goals we are working towards and are pro-active with new ideas (which we love). They regularly come up with new ways to help us build our marketing offer further and the ideas are sound, well thought out and will help VIVID to grow even bigger! The Antler team are professional and very easy to work with which is massively important and beneficial. Recently Antler have been supporting me to work up a digital strategy which has seen our campaigns really take flight with an increase in applications! If you need an agency to come on board and hit the ground running, suggest a strategy and deliver on it then look no further!"

Gemma Board, Sales & Marketing Executive,

Antler's strategic knowledge of the off-plan sales process and their understanding of the specific marketing required to attract, support and achieve off-plan sales, has helped Metis to enjoy success. Off-plan selling is now a primary objective for all Metis developments; it's the positive start that every development requires to enjoy longer term sales success. Working with Metis, Antler challenges the perceived market-wide approach of 'doing things the way they've always been done', to create and deliver on marketing strategies which directly increases off-plan sales. Antler's experience in this area and the support they've provided our in-house team is immense and I'd have no hesitation in recommending Antler."

Adam O'Brien, Managing Director,
Metis Homes

Antler have proved themselves an incredibly valuable asset to our company, and from the very first moment we started working together we considered them all as part of the team. Antler are efficient, thoughtful, knowledgeable and creative. Their understanding of new home sales and its process has enabled us to improve our marketing and brand image almost overnight. We would not hesitate to recommend Antler Agency should you be looking for a marketing agency – for us, their specialist knowledge and experience in the property field set them apart from the rest!"

Jason Gadsby, Director,
Bayview Developments

Just looked at the brochure and wanted to congratulate you on a superb presentation! Your work has been wonderful, you have gone above and beyond. We're really delighted with your thoroughness and care, the results should be amazing."

Phil Proctor,
Petersfinger Farm

Antler have a very unique offering compared to other marketing agencies that I've worked with. Truly creative design, all underpinned by clear strategy with a strong understanding of the intricacies of the property industry, it's why I have no hesitation in using Antler and recommending them to my clients."

George Long,
New Homes, Charters

Just wanted to say thanks so much to Antler for all the work you put in to create Nord Homes, we are really happy with the brand!"

Kiersten Metcalfe, Director,
Nord Homes

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